To whomever reads this testimonial; I would like to tell you about a wonderful organization. St. Vincent de Paul to myself and many in our community is a lifesaver really, when it comes to the necessities of life for many people. Its perhaps a hot bowl of soup and a sandwich on a cold day… It is a place to come for help if you were in need of clothing, bedding, dishes, and many treasure to some folks that literally have nothing due to a circumstance in life or just down on ones luck so to speak. St. Vincent’s is a place where you can receive excellent advice and information from management and staff. They also have amazing cooks and kitchen staff that volunteer their time to operate and cater to the public on a daily basis. St. Vincent de Paul also provides programs for people to attend such as hair cutting programs arts and crafts, nail painting, colouring and relaxing programs and its all “FREE” to whomever would like to participate. All of these things that are offered takes one’s mind from their troubles and woes even for an hour or so. These things and many more that are all for the good in life happens at St. Vincent de Paul. I could go on and on about this awesome establishment that has been helping people for many years. Most everything that enters through the doors of St. Vincent’s are donated from the gracious kindness of societies people. We are all so thankful to receive these donations. Most of all I would like to say that St. Vincent de Paul is definitely a place not only to receive wares, and food or meet friends, but also a place to receive Gods blessings. I cannot thank the people that donate, the management, staff and volunteers that operate St. Vincent de Paul’s enough for their time, their kind jesters and their love for humanity. Thank-you because without you there would be no St. Vincent de Paul society of Kingston.