Lend a helping hand

​Without your help, we wouldn't be able to help our neighbours in need. Have a hands-on involvement in the community, and experience the amazing feeling that comes from lending a hand and making a difference. We're always looking to meet and work with our hard-working community volunteers, and we have plenty of positions that we need your help with.

Pantry Attendant

The Pantry Attendant will be responsible for assisting individuals and families with receiving their emergency grocery order. Assisting them in making food choices, and giving community referrals as needed. The Pantry Assistant will also be responsible for stocking food items as needed and light cleaning and organizing as needed.

Front Desk Attendant

The Front Desk Attendant will be responsible for registering current and new individuals and families for use of the Pantry, and collecting data as needed upon intake. Community referrals will be given as needed.

Donations Receiver

The Donations Receiver will be responsible for sorting through all donated items, the items are then organized and placed in our “WEARhouse store”. The Donations Receiver will also be responsible for collecting items that are on request. Light cleaning and organizing of the sorting room will also be expected.

WEARhouse Merchandiser

The WEARhouse Merchandiser will be responsible for keeping the WEARhouse Store organized and clean. The Merchandiser will hang clothes in the appropriate section, and rehang any clothes that have fallen down. Organization of household items section, and light cleaning will also be expected.

Loretta Hospitality Kitchen Assistant

The Kitchen Assistant will be responsible for assisting our Meal Program Coordinator in preparing for the lunch meal for the day as well as any prep for the week’s menu. The Kitchen Assistant will also be responsible for assisting with any clean-up including dishes.

Loretta Hospitality Meal Server

The Meal Server will be responsible for serving the lunch to all patrons. The Meal Server will also be responsible for clearing dishes after the lunch is served and wiping down tables and chairs. Sweeping and mopping the floors may also be required, as needed.

Loretta Hospitality Dining Room Assistant

The Dining Room Attendant will be responsible for preparing items before the meal service. Preparation will include: Rolling cutlery, portioning salt and pepper, napkins and crackers, as well as making coffee as needed.

Janitorial Assistant

The Janitorial Assistant will be responsible for assisting to keep the facility clean by sweeping and mopping floors. The Janitorial Assistant will also be responsible for assisting with taking out the garbage and recycle and cleaning the bathrooms.


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