To St. Vincent de Paul,

We think that it is a wonderful place to go and have a good meal and coffee, and to meet different people who are down and out to know everyone is as special as anyone else no matter who or where they come from. As for the staff and volunteers they are always there to help you when your down. They always know how to make you feel good about yourself. If it wasn’t for St. Vincent being there for the people they would not have anywhere to go and get a nice hot meal, a coffee, clothes for their back. This is a very special place, with very special staff and volunteers. My wife and I think this place got us on our feet and made us feel good about ourselves when were down and out on our luck. My wife and I hope this place never closes its doors for a lot of people depend on it. Thank you to the staff for being there in our time of need and opening your hearts to everyone.