Coffee Break


  • Coffee Break is a place for everyone to gather for fellowship and friendly conversation and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.
  • Board games, cards and newspapers are available for everyone’s use during our coffee break.
  • Open Monday-Friday 9:00am-11:30am


  • Everyone deserves to know when his or her next meal will be and that’s why we serve lunch here every weekday.
  • Friends gather for fellowship and a home cooked and nutritious meal that is prepared by our Meal Program Coordinator and served restaurant style by our volunteer team.
  • Open Monday-Friday 11:30am-12:30pm
Meal Program


  • Our WEARhouse, located in the back building, is stocked daily with gently used clothing, books and smaller household items.
  • Everything is free of charge.
  • Those with specific requirements (i.e. large furniture items, household appliances) can register their need in our request book, which is referenced when items come available.
  • Open Monday-Friday 9:00am-1:00pm
  • Every Wednesday we have different programing from 1-3pm (Cookie Decorating, Relaxing with colour, Nail Pampering, Card games... etc.)
  • Thursdays join Pastor Todd for our Bible Study at 1-2pm.


  • Provides two days of food.
  • Available to individuals and families every other month.
  • Required: Identification for everyone in the household and proof of address to register for program.
  • We require no proof of need (income statements, pay stubs etc. are not needed to register for the program).
  • Open Monday-Friday 9:00am-12:30pm

What Happens Here

​Join Us On Tuesday’s and Thursday's for Bible Study At 1:00pm
Join Us On Wednesday For Handprint Leaves at 1:00pm!
All activities are free!

We are always finding new things to offer to our clients, whether it is a hot meal, a warm place to be, or to find a special treasure in our WEARhouse. Socializing and celebrating are just as important as everything else we offer. In the process of providing for these basic needs, there is a community that is created, which also addresses something that is more painful than hunger or going without. It addresses the need for connection for those who are struggling with poverty, addiction and mental health. It certainly does improve the quality of life when they can come to St. Vincent de Paul and have time for socializing and having some fun, in away it takes them away from there hardships for an hour or two.

Christmas at St. Vincent de Paul

We are a family! We all enjoy celebrating together during the holidays!

There is nothing like having fun!

“We like to have fun whenever we can. Living in poverty is a difficult situation to be in and having a place that feels like home helps to you to leave your troubles behind for a little while. The staff and volunteers have fun while they work and this creates an atmosphere that feels like a family.”

​                                                                       – Client