Volunteer Positions

Pantry Attendant

The Pantry Attendant will be responsible for assisting individuals and families with receiving their emergency grocery orders. Assisting them in making food choices, and giving community referrals as needed. The Pantry Assistant will also be responsible for stocking food items as needed and light cleaning and organizing as needed.

Front Desk Attendant

The Front Desk Attendant will be responsible for registering current and new individuals and families for use of the Pantry, and collecting data as needed upon intake. Community referrals will be given as needed. Answering the phone and relaying messages to staff. Light cleaning and organizing of the sorting room will also be expected.


In the WEARhouse you will be responsible for sorting through all donated items and will hang clothes in the appropriate section and rehang any clothes that have fallen. You will be responsible for keeping the WEARhouse Store organized and clean. Light cleaning and organizing of the WEARhosue will also be expected.

Front Door Attendant

During covid, we have had to limit clients to only 5 people in the WEARhouse for 20 minutes. The front door attendant will give clients a new mask when entering the building, take the client’s first name, and document the time that the client came in. At the 20-minute mark, the attendant lets clients know their time is up. Helping direct donors to the correct doors or grabbing staff if someone is here for a meeting. Light cleaning and organizing of the WEARhouse will also be expected.

Loretta Hospitality Meal Server

The Meal Server will be responsible for getting to go meals ready for clients. The Meal Server will also be responsible for making coffees for clients and helping clients with fresh fruit and veggie choices when available. Sweeping and mopping the floors may also be required, as needed.

Parking Lot Attendant

The parking lot attendant is interacting with clients while they are waiting to get a meal or to go into the WEARhouse and get staff if there is an issue on the property. The attendant will help donors bring in donations to the bay. Light cleaning of the property may be asked of.


Drivers are responsible for pickups and deliveries in the community. Some deliveries are scheduled, and others are called in and changed weekly. As a driver, you should be able to pick up approximately 50 pounds. You need a G driver’s license and a clear driving record.

Recreational Programs

Recreational programs run on Tuesday and Wednesday every week starting at 1 pm. If you have a fun skill or activity you would like to teach or would like to be a part of programming that is already happening