Message from our Director – Judy Fyfe

As I work away at my list of things to do today, I find myself glancing over at the architectural drawings that the wonderful team at Alexander Wilson Architect Inc. has created for us.  It is a rendering of a dream that began many years ago.  I am distracted not only because it is beautiful to look at, but because it allows us to fulfill a promise the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Kingston made over 50 years ago – to care for this community.

Despite the overwhelming demands we have seen placed on us over the last year – we are committed to fulfilling our promise.  I know the programs that this building was designed to house.  I know the people that will be cared for within these walls.  We are getting close.  I can feel it in my heart.

In April 2021, we will be launching our public capital campaign.  You will see these same drawings on the sides of buses, in mailouts, in ads in local publications, and in commercials on TV.  I hope when you look, you will see what I see.  Our goal is to raise 3.5 million dollars.  This will allow us to build and furnish our new facility.

Our intention is to expand our programming that will not only address the needs of those most vulnerable but also provide activities for all members of our community to participate in.  By offering a safe and judgment-free environment where people from differing backgrounds can come together, we aim to create a thriving and diverse community.

I think the biggest lesson I have learned over this last year of dealing with the pandemic is that our sense of belonging directly impacts our overall wellbeing.   It has been a hard, lonely year for so many of us.  So come, I invite you. Join us as we pull together to make this a reality.